Recent Presentations

2008 UT Tobacco Agent Training
February 19, 2008, HRREC, Springfield, TN
Dark Tobacco Session - Andy Bailey

2007 Dark Tobacco Agent Training
April 5, 2007, UKREC, Princeton, KY
Disease Session - Kenny Seebold
Overview of Diseases
Transplant Diseases
Field Diseases

Agronomy Session - Andy Bailey
Float Bed Management
Dark Tobacco Varieties
Tobacco Fertility
Weed & Insect Control
Sucker Control

Archived Presentations

Greenhouse Structures and Float Bed Diseases

Screened Seed
Presented at 2004 Phillip Morris TFPP meetings

Post-Buyout Dark Tobacco Production
November 30, 2004 - Princeton, KY

UK Agent Update
November 29, 2005 - Princeton, KY