2008 Tobacco Variety Trials

Dark Fire-Cured Variety Trials: 

UKREC, Princeton                      

MSU, Murray                     

HRREC, Springfield 

Graves County

Christian County

Cheatham County

Dark Air-Cured Variety Trials:                  

UKREC, Princeton

MSU, Murray

HRREC, Springfield 

Cheatham County

Muhlenberg Co.-Pearson

Muhlenberg Co.-Miller

Laurel County

Burley Variety Trials: 

UKREC, Princeton

Black Shank Variety Trials: 

Christian County Dark-Fired  

Graves County Dark-Fired  

Daviess County Dark Air

Transplant Production

2008 Dark Tobacco Float Bed Report

Insecticide Trials

Belt Insecticide

Admire Pro



Experimental A-Princeton Dark

Experimental A-Murray Burley

Experimental B-Springfield

Coragen Trial-Springfield

Fungicide Trials

Ridomil/Quadris Combinations

Experimental Black Shank Fungicide-Christian Co.

Experimental Black Shank Fungicide-Graves Co.

Experimental Blue Mold Fungicide-Springfield

Experimental Blue Mold Fungicide-Murray

Herbicide Trials


Sucker Control Trials

Regional Burley Sucker Control-Princeton

Regional Dark Sucker Control-Princeton

Regional Dark Sucker Control-Springfield                  

Fertility Trials

Foliar Nitamin Trial

Helena Products

Nitrogen Source Comparisons

Foliar Calcium Supplements      

Other Trials

Strip-Till vs. Conventional Tillage-Carlisle Co.

Variety/Nitrogen/Housing Density Comparisons-Princeton 

Dark Tobacco Response to Rotation and Ridomil-Year 2-Springfield

Mechanical Harvester Evaluation