2010 Tobacco Variety Trials

Dark Fire-Cured Variety Trials
UKREC, Princeton
HRREC, Springfield
MSU, Murray 

Dark Air-Cured Variety Trials
UKREC, Princeton
HRREC, Springfield
MSU, Murray 

Burley Variety Trials
UKREC, Princeton 

On-Farm Dark Fire-Cured Variety Trials
Conventional Till - Christian Co.
Strip-Till - Christian Co.
No-Till - Christian Co.
Tillage Summary - Christian Co.
Cheatham Co.

On-Farm Dark Air-Cured Variety Trials
Cheatham Co. 

Black Shank Variety Trials
Christian Co.

Transplant Production
Effect of Tray Type and Tray Covering on Seed Germination and Spiral Rooting, Springfield 

Insecticide Trials
Coragen Setter Water - Princeton
Coragen Setter Water - Springfield
Coragen Foliar - Springfield
Brigadier - Springfield 

Herbicide Trials
Spartan/Command - Springfield
Spartan/Command - Murray
Spartan Charge - Springfield
Spartan Charge - Murray 

Sucker Control Trials
Burley Sucker Control - Princeton
Dark Sucker Control - Princeton
Dark Sucker Control - Springfield 

Fertility Trials
Potassium Rates and Application Methods - Simpson Co.
Potassium Rates and Application Timings - Christian Co.
Effect of Excessive Potassium - Murray
Nitrogen Source and Application Timing - Princeton
Nitrogen Sources - Murray 

Other Trials
2010 SoySoap trials (contact Andy Bailey at abailey@uky.edu)

Monty's Plant Food - Springfield
Nature's Wonder- Princeton
Liquid vs. Dry Fertilizer Programs - Trigg Co.
Mechanical Harvest - Princeton
Helena Fertility Products - Murray
Turbo Charge - Murray

Dark tobacco response to rotation - Year 4 - Springfield