2016 Research:

Variety Trials:

       Dark Fire-Cured Variety Trials:  Princeton         Murray            Springfield            Cheatham Co. TN

       Dark Air-Cured Variety Trials:   Princeton           Murray            Springfield            Daviess Co. KY

       Burley Variety Trials:   Princeton

       Dark Tobacco Black Shank Variety Trial:  Christian Co. KY

Fertility Trials:   

       Potassium Source and Rate in Dark Air-Cured and Dark Fire-Cured Tobacco, Princeton

       AgZyme Trial:     Murray         Cheatham Co. TN

       Teraganix:    Murray

        Boron Trial:  Graves Co. KY

Disease Control:

       Black Shank Fungicide Trials:            Christian Co. KY            Calloway Co. KY

       Angular Leaf Spot Trial:  Princeton

Other Trials:

       Cultivation Trial-Cheatham Co.